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The election

What does the 'Best Product of the Year' election have to offer you?

  • Promote and increase brand awareness of your product;
  • Insight into the appreciation of your product;
  • Insight into the performance of competitors;
  • As a winner, you may call your product ‘Best Product of the Year’ for one year, which adds value to the product board.

1. Motivate your customer to vote

To get the title "Best Product of the Year", your product has to be nominated. To be nominated in your category, you need at least 380 ratings. Collect these reviews by motivating your customers through both on- and offline resources to review your product. We would like to help you get these votes! Check the possibilities to take part actively here.

2. The consumer reviews his favorite product(s)

When consumers are reviewing a product, they firstly select a productcategory and next the product that they would like to review. Consumers review a product directly through a personalised votinglink. When reviewing, the productfeatures and attitude & behaviour regarding the product will be crucial. Consumers review the product based on the following aspects:
  • Price/quality ratio
  • Product presentation
  • User satisfaction
With regard to attitude & behaviour, the following two questions are asked:
  • Is there a re-purchase with regard to this product?
  • Would you recommend this product to a friend or colleague?
Personal data of the participating consumers (including age, gender, postal code) will be used for a detailed analysis.

3. We increase the reliability

After the voting period, we analyze with the following checks:
  • Multiple reviews: in case two or more reviews, for a single product in the same category, are submitted by the same email address, only the first review will be used and the other(s) will be deleted
  • IP addresses: when more than three reviews are submitted from the same IP address for the same product, only the first three such reviews will be accepted and the remaining reviews will be deleted.
Reviews that meet these checks are used for the final marks. A reduction in votes must be taken into account, as a result of which the voting limit is no longer achieved.

The average final mark will be adjusted based on the number of reviews to get to the corrected final mark. This calculation is built up in such a way that a higher number of reviews will lead to a smaller adjustment on the average final mark.

4. We announce the nominees!

A minimum of two and a maximum of five products are nominated in a category. When more than five products have reached the voting limit, the five products with the highest corrected final mark will be nominated. If none or only one product meets this condition within a category, we have the option to adjust the voting limit of 380 ratings downwards.

5. We announce the winners!

All nominated producers will be invited to the award ceremony. The nominated product with the highest corrected final mark is the category winner. The winners will receive the title "Best Product of the Year" in the respective category for an entire year.

All category winners get the chance on the overall title: ''Best Product of the Year''. The overall winner is the category winner with the highest corrected final mark.