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Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

These rules and regulations are applicable to the following: ‘Best Product of the Year’. The nominations are organised by Q&A Insights Europe BV (hereafter referred to as 'Q&A') in collaboration with Consumer Contest Company BV (hereafter referred to as 'CCC').


  1. Retailers and producers (hereinafter referred to as Producers) can indicate their preference to register their product within a certain category prior to the election.
  2. All products available on the market in the United Kingdom can participate.


  1. ‘Best Product of the Year’ is organized in various categories that are appointed annually. Q&A and CCC reserve the right to independently decide on final admission to a category. Producers can indicate a preference for category before and during the election. Q&A and CCC treat these applications according to standards of fairness & reasonableness.
  2. Q&A and CCC reserve the right to add or delete categories. The categories are reconsidered annually.

Qualification Thresholds

  1. To be shortlisted for the (category) award of ‘Best Product of the Year’, a product must have a minimum of 380 reviews.
  2. If only one product (or no product) meets these requirements within a category, then Q&A can adjust the eligibility requirements accordingly.
  3. Within any one category, a minimum of two and a maximum of five products will be nominated. If more than five products have the required number of reviews, the product with the highest aggregate score will be selected.

Promotional Materials

  1. Producers can encourage clients and/or customers to review their product. Tools which may be used include personalised voting links, online banners and printed materials. Q&A provides such promotional materials for producers to attract the attention of the consumer.
  2. Producers are not permitted to modify the materials provided by Q&A, without written consent from Q&A and/or CCC.
  3. Producers who wish to make use of existing promotional materials (or other such materials not available from Q&A) to gather reviews, must first gain the approval of Q&A and/or CCC in advance.
  4. Through their participation in the award schemes, producers are deemed to permit Q&A to use such submitted materials for (online) publication and communicate with the name and logo of the participating company. The purpose of the last mentioned is to show that the company concerned is a participant in the election.
  5. Q&A makes a 'Quota Monitor’ tool available. With this tool, producers can track the number of reviews received for each product. No rights are conferred by the number of reviews initially reported by this tool because corrections are made after the voting closes. (Reviews later may be deleted as described in paragraph 19.) Consequentially, the number of reviews accepted is typically reduced by about 30%.

Consumer Prizes

  1. Q&A and/or CCC provides a prize 'package' to encourage respondents to input reviews. All respondents have a chance to win a prize from the prize 'package'. Buying votes is strictly prohibited and producers are not permitted in any way to interfere with prizes offered to respondents.

Breeching of the Rules and Monitoring

  1. Any breech of these rules and regulations by producers can lead to disqualification. The final decision is for Q&A and CCC.
  2. During the voting period, Q&A and/or CCC will conduct random sample checks that campaigns conform to the rules and regulations. If a producer is found to have offered their own or different prizes or to have used unauthorised promotional materials and/or has violated any other stipulated conditions, there will be a warning and Q&A and/or CCC may either reduce the number of votes recorded or disqualify the producer altogether.
  3. A notary oversees the monitoring checks by Q&A and or CCC, as described in paragraphs 18 and 19.

Gathering of Reviews

  1. Respondents can fill in the questionnaire via www.bestproductoftheyear.co.uk and via the unique voting link that is submitted to the producer prior to the election.
  2. It is not permitted for employees of Q&A, CCC and the notary's office to vote (or participate in the election).
  3. After the voting period, an analysis will be conducted including but not limited to the following:
    • multiple reviews: in case two or more reviews, for a single product in the same category, are submitted by the same email address, only the first review will be used and the other(s) will be deleted.
    • IP addresses: respondents’ IP addresses will be monitored. When more than three reviews are submitted from the same IP address for the same product, only the first three such reviews will be accepted and the remaining reviews will be deleted.
    Reviews that meet these checks are used for the final marks. A reduction in votes must be taken into account, as a result of which the voting limit is no longer achieved.
  4. Average scores will be adjusted based on the total number of reviews submitted. This calculation is defined in such a way that a larger number of reviews leads to a smaller correction to the final average score.
  5. At the moment that the digital questionnaire cannot be filled in ('no vote can be cast') for a period longer than 24 hours, the voting period will be extended by the same length of time that has been lost.

Category Winners

  1. The category winner is the nominated product with the highest adjusted final score in a specific category.
  2. Category winners are only allowed to use the corresponding logo as detailed in the licensing regulations issued with that logo, which must be read and signed in advance.

Overall Winners

  1. The overall winner is the category winner with the highest adjusted final score.
  2. Overall prize winners are permitted to use the corresponding logo only as specified in the licensing regulations issued with that logo, which must be read and signed in advance.

Personal Details

  1. Q&A and CCC respect the privacy of the persons who take part in the voting process. Q&A and CCC will handle all data collected in the process of gathering reviews in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


  1. Q&A (and/or its parent organisation Avantage BV), CCC and its partners cannot be held liable for damages arising from participation in the voting process. Any responsibility or liability for direct, immaterial or indirect damage including consequential damage and loss of business as a result of taking part in and/or the result of the election is expressly excluded by Q&A (and/or its parent organisation Avantage BV) and CCC.
  2. Q&A (and/or its parent organisation Avantage BV) and CCC will not engage in any discussion or correspondence regarding the outcome of the award votes.

Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual property rights for the voting process, the design, the questionnaires, technology and the website URL reside with Q&A (and/or its parent organisation Avantage BV), CCC and/or its affiliated partners. All presented information, including texts, graphics, logos, video and audio material is protected by copyright. Disclosure or reproduction of intellectual property of Q&A (and/or its parent organisation Avantage BV), CCC and/or its affiliated partners is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from Q&A.

Final Provisions

  1. The final decision in all matters not explicitly covered in these rules and regulation rests with Q&A and CCC.