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What is the time period of the election?

During the voting period, consumers can give their review of the participating products. Check out the full planning here.

How do I become the overallwinner?

All category winners get the chance on the overall title. The overall winner is the category winner with the highest corrected final mark.

Do I have to register my product?

Yes. You can do this by filling out the registration form or by contacting us. Any product with national distribution in the United Kingdom can take part in the election.

How do I actively take part?

To motivate consumers to give their review, you can use various promotional materials. You can encourage your consumers by using online banners on your website, newsletter and social media or by using a flyer or poster. Each participant will receive a personalized voting link that allows you to collect votes directly. Take a look at the promotional materials.

When will the winners be announced?

Are there any costs involved in participating?

There are no costs involved for the participation of producers and consumers in the election.

Where can I ask questions or make comments?

Q&A is committed to providing information that is as complete as possible. However, if there are any questions, please contact Q&A. You can also contact Q&A if there are any doubts about the election or if incorrect information has been provided.

Any more questions?

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Click on the topics below to read the answer. Is your question not listed here? Then please contact us.